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Conference Programme


13:00 // Welcome ICP Forests (by ICP Forests chair Marco Ferretti)

13:05 // Welcome FORECOMON 2023 (by acting chairperson of ICP Forests Scientific Committee Lars Vesterdal)

Session 1 - Forest monitoring in the Anthropocene - the results

Session chair: Lena Wohlgemuth

13:10 // Anna Andreetta et al. // Impacts of environmental and pedological factors on soil organic carbon storage in Italian forests

13:25 // Roberto Salomon et al. // Heatwave effects on tree stem growth and dehydration: A tree-level perspective across large spatial scales

13:40 // Hanieh Eghdami & Willy Werner // Long time series of Ozone Flux Modelling for forest tree species in Central Europe

13:55 // Sophia Etzold et al. // A few days determine the growth of temperate trees

14:10 // Silvia Caldararu et al. // Long-term ecosystem nitrogen limitation from foliar δ15N data and a land surface model

14:25 // Joachim Zhu et al. // Variation in Leaf Morphological Traits of European Beech and Norway Spruce Over Two Decades in Switzerland

14:40 // Cecilia Cacciatori et al. // Cryptogamic diversity dynamics and their response to climate trends in ICP Forests Level II sites in Poland

14:55 - 15:10 // Break

Session 2 - Forest monitoring in the Anthropocene – new approaches and perspectives

Session chair: Arne Verstraeten

15:10 // Arthur Gessler // New approaches for monitoring forest functioning - crossing scales from the cellular metabolome to the stand wide photochemical reflectance index

15:35 // Terhi Rasilo et al. // Integrated approach to long-term observations in ecosystems, critical zone and socio-ecology (eLTER)

15:50 // Bert Gielen & Ivan Janssens // Status of the ICOS ecosystem network and how it may interact with ICP Forests

16:05 // Rainer Petzold et al. // The Soil Moisture Traffic Light - From measurements of the Level II plots to reliable real-time model estimates for forest managers

16:20 // Wrap-up FORECOMON 2023 (by acting chairperson of ICP Forests Scientific Committee Lars Vesterdal)

16:30 // End


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